Morna Ciraki is an executive producer/line producer with over 20 years of experience in commercial, feature, documentary and concert films. Morna produced for award-winning industry veterans Robert Stromberg, Ridley Scott, Michael Mann, Zach Braff, Jake Scott and Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Morna began her career as a production executive for former Universal Studios president Thom Mount. Morna has worked across the US and Canada, in the UK, Italy, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Turkey, South America, Australia, Africa and the South Pacific.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Morna has the distinction of obtaining two law degrees on two continents and serving as part of a legal team at the International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague. 



US Bank/Supernatural (2024) - Steve Mapp (Fancy Content)

Verizon/Ogilvy (2024) - Rohan Blair Mangat (Eleanor)

NFL Super Bowl/72&Sunny (2024) - Andrew Dosunmu (Little Minx)

MasterCard/Stand Up To Cancer/McCannNY (2023) - Kevin Wilson Jr. (Little Minx)

Werther's Original/Pahnke (2023) - Jörn Threlfall (Native)

Ancestry/Wieden+Kennedy (2023) - Rodney Lucas (Little Minx)

Impossible Meat/Super Serious (2023) - Jake Scott (RSA)

Taylor Mac: A 24-Decade History of Popular Music (2023) - Ellen Kuras (HBO)

SodaStream/BBDO (2023) - Henry Scholfield (Reset)

Vacation Friends 2 (2023) - Clay Tarver - Feature Film/Additional Photography (20th Century Studios)

Driveway Campaign/Venturous (2022) - Steve Mapp (Fancy Content) *One Show Shortlist 2023

CVS/Saatchi (2022) - Steve Mapp (Fancy Content)

Stelara/McCann Health (2022) - Christoph Chrudimak (Fancy Content)

Guardians of the Galaxy/Yellow Shoes (2022) - Robert Stromberg (RSA Films)

Ingrezza II/Abelson Taylor (2021) - Robert Stromberg (RSA Films)

Dolby (2021) - George Mays (Fancy Content)

Hearthstone/BSSP (2021) - Jordan Vogt-Roberts (RSA Films)

Verizon (2021) - Miko Lim (Farm Lague)

ITSME (2021) - Rylee Ebsen (Girl Culture)

On Running (2021) - Marie Schuller (RSA Films)

Google (2021) - Rylee Ebsen (Girl Culture)

Ingrezza/Abelson Taylor (2021) - Robert Stromberg (RSA Films)

Dog (2020) - Reid Carolin/Channing Tatum - Feature Film/2nd Unit (MGM)

Breztri/Aztra Zeneca/McCann Health (2020) - Robert Stromberg (RSA Films)

Sleep Number/Griffin Archer (2020) - Peter Atencio (RSA Films)

Fanapt/Merkley+Partners (2020) - Robert Stromberg (RSA Films)

Qualcomm/McCann NY (2020) - Robert Stromberg (RSA Films)

Taco Bell/Deutsch (2019) - Robert Stromberg (RSA Films)

Groupon/ORP (2019) - Peter Atencio (RSA Films)

McCafe/Chiat Day (2019) - Zach Braff (RSA Films)

Hidden Valley Ranch/McGarry Bowen (2019) - Zach Braff (RSA Films)

“In The Time"/Adobe/Perreira O’Dell(2019) *Winner Cannes Lions *Winner Webby - Zach Braff (RSA Films)

Advil/Townhouse (2018) - Julian Acosta (RSA Films)

L’Oreal (2018) - Travis Schneider (RSA Films)

Turkish Airlines (2018) - Ridley Scott (RSA Films)

Prada Luna Rossa (2018) - Michael Mann (RSA Films)

Icebox (2017) - Daniel Sawka (Addtn. Photography - Gracie Films/HBO)

P!NK: On The Record/Apple Music (2017) - Charles Todd (Livenation/Scheme Engine)

Canon (2017) - Klaus Obermeyer (Aero Film)

Pharrell Williams Apple Music Beats 1 Show (2015-2016) - Jonathan Craven/Jeff Nicholas (The Uprising Creative)

Met Gala Event Coverage/Apple Music (2015) - Jonathan Craven/Jeff Nicholas (The Uprising Creative)

Mumford and Sons/Apple Music (2015) - Jonathan Craven/Jeff Nicholas (The Uprising Creative)

Florence and the Machine/Apple Music (2015) - Jonathan Craven/Jeff Nicholas (The Uprising Creative)

Carrie Underwood/Apple Music  (2015) - Jonathan Craven/Jeff Nicholas (The Uprising Creative)

The Weeknd/Apple Music (2015) - Jonathan Craven/Jeff Nicholas (The Uprising Creative)

One Direction/Apple Music (2015) - Jonathan Craven/Jeff Nicholas (The Uprising Creative)

Cheri (2009) - Stephen Frears (Reliant Pictures/BKL Films/Pathé)

Have Dreams, Will Travel (2007) - Brad Isaacs (Reliant Pictures)

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